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One To One Or Workforce Training For The Sheffield City Region

What I Do

Marketing strategy, planning and implementation for business at all stages of size and growth. Not every business needs a full time marketer, but all business still need marketing. I can help you. Contact me today to find out how.

Rob Taylor’s Mission

Rob Taylor is a Marketing Expert from Sheffield. With a passion and a flair for strategy, planning and implementation and a desire to empower the SME industry to market and grow their businesses, Rob’s years of experience as a
national marketer for some of the worlds leading live music and events industry businesses positions him as a creative minded and leading expert in his field. If you are a small business looking for marketing advice, strategy consultation or
marketing planning then Rob is here for you.

Rob Taylor’s vision

I have a vision where there are no more ‘salesman marketers’, companies who do not have the best interest of their customer at heart but instead are out to chase their bonus. I believe in a world where businesses at all levels can compete fairly through innovative and effective marketing and planning whilst maximizing personal development and exceeding the businesses wildest dreams of the owner. Marketing will be exciting for all companies when the marketing mindset is evident across the whole business and not viewed as a department or expense on the business.

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