Personal development, mindset, planning and effectiveness are key to my life. I believe in constant learning, adapting and growing while remaining rooted in key principles of personal and business success. Everyone, from business owners wanting to develop sales and increase efficiency to the full time parent, should read these books. Our bookshelf and audio catalogues are growing weekly and we try to get through a book a week as part of our daily routine. We will continue to update our suggestions for the best business books, best personal development books and best books for entrepeneurs right here on this blog.

While there is no particular order to this list, these are all key texts which have helped us develop our mindset and planning mentality to grow and continue to develop. Enjoy.

E-Myth revisited by Michael E. Gerber

The E-Myth revisited is quite simply one of the best business books out there. This is the first book off the shelf when setting up business, I wish I was introduced to it a long time ago. It’s one of the finest, most clear reads on how to set up a business that also allows the owner to have a life outside of the business. A real eye opener and applicable to all business owners. The E-Myth revisited is one of the best business entrepreneur books out there. You should definitely read, re-read and read again. It was the first book I picked up when starting properly to run my own business. This should be near the top of the list of anyone’s reading list.

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Success Principles by Jack Canfield

A weighty read (or listen in our case!). This 24 hour audio book has some real gems littered throughout. Endless references and real life examples delivered in a way that is easily digestible and there is guaranteed to be something in there for everyone.

This is a real highlight for me personally, it was the first audio book I purchased while I was also reading the E-Myth. Listen (or read) this book. It is an eye opener. I am still learning and applying principles from this book. It is one I will be picking up in physical form too. A great reference, guide and a way to set your stall out early to make a better plan for your own life and business.

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Think and Grow Rich – Napolean Hill

This is a ‘classic’ by all accounts. It is referenced in many of the other books on this lists. I found it a good read. Some of the examples are quited dated but the principles are the same and as relevant in todays world as when this book was first published. The great business leaders are referenced and the 13 clear principles are explained and given examples of to make it a fun, quite heavy read. I got on to this one from the Success Principles by Jack Canfield. A recommended read available for cheap (£4.99 – less for Kindle!) too.

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10x Rule – Grant Cardone

As long as you are alive, you will either live to accomplish your own goals and dreams or be used as a resource to accomplish someone else’s.” Pretty much sums up this fast paced frenetic listen of Grant Cardone.

He is brilliant motivator. When you are questioning what is the best motivational book for me and my business, this book would be up there This was on during my gym time and really helped me immediately in running that extra few hundred metres. I will be revisiting this one again soon, a real eye opener and slap in the face that can’t help but get you motivated!

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Epic Content Marketing – Joe Pulizzi

In a new age of marketing this is one of the best books for business marketing and digital marketing out there. A clear, concise, informative read that takes the role of the traiditonal marketer and tips it on its head. Every company is now a ‘media company’, with the power to produce it own epic content to earn respect, trust and ultimately more leads and sales. This is a fantastic read, definitely one of the best business marketing books out there.

The content marketing institute is a brilliant resource for anyone with an interest in the value of epic content. Subscribe to their email list, it is full of, well, epic content!

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SEO 2016: R L Adams

Search engine optimization is a minefield of information. Exciting, fascinating information that teamed up with the Epic Content Marketing book is a beautiful addition to the modern marketers arsenal. This book is clear, brilliantly narrated (we have the audio version) and is a must for any business bookshelf. This is one of the top business marketing books out there and leads on to many other resources within the field of SEO. Very highly recommended

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Richest Man In Babylon: George S Clason

A classic tale of money management and becoming appreciative of financial stability. Lets face it, many of us are still paying for a careless lifestyle when we were young. This book makes you sit up sharp and listen intently as it guides us through methods of ensuring financial stability.

This is a must read for those wanting to learn how to manage money and feel more rewarded for doing so.

The audio is a little olde worldy but this is a classic fable and the moral of the story is self evident and teaches immediately the benefits of good money management.

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Losing My Virginity: Richard Branson

I read this book on a holiday one time. Since reading many other books about mindset and principles I can see how Richard Branson embodies many of the traits needed for success. His success was inevitable. Such an inspiration and great business leader of our times. His projects are beyond the dreams of many but he relentlessly pursues them and it has given him an island, an airline, a trainline and a record label, not to mention one of Britains most noteable export. For a living example of what can be achieved through desire, determination and just getting things done, add this to your must read business books list!

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Leading: Alex Ferguson

There is rarely, if ever, going to be a sporting manager as effective and successful as Alex Ferguson. He is a modern day legend of sport and a prime example of a great leader. His story is compelling and the inspiration he offers is undeniable. You may or may not support Manchester United and the book is about way more than this. It is not a book about Manchester United, it is a book about the greatest sporting leader of our time, following in the shadows of the great John Wooden (another great read), this is a relevant, engaging book for the modern business bookshelf.  One of the finer business management books with real life stories and real life application from a modern day legend.

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